About Us

BistroCat is the world's first automated wet cat food feeder that offers a hands-off approach to keeping cats hydrated. Our patented technology allows cat parents to serve healthy wet meals on their cat's schedule without sacrificing their own.

With the use of innovative camera functionality, BistroCat tracks your cat’s meal preferences and feeding trends, elevating care for felines.

AI Enabled
Genuine BistroPods
Automated Food Disposal
Hassel-Free Feedings
Designed for Wet Cat Food
No Refrigeration Required
Smart Scale

A Letter from our Founder

The mission of BistroCat is simple: it's to improve the lives of cats and their humans. As a lifelong cat mom who spent years working in the pet industry, I was frustrated with the lack of innovation for feline care.

Cats need moisture in their diets, but too many pet parents skip the cans and turn to kibble because of the mess wet food brings to the table. A dry food only diet can be devastating to the health of cats. Knowing this was a huge problem in the market, I became determined to create a solution.

As we began working on the prototype for BistroCat, I realized that we had an opportunity to take our innovation to the next level. Instead of just solving for the inconvenience and "ick" that comes with serving wet meals, we had a unique opportunity to help cat parents become proactive in monitoring their cat's health (something that wasn't easily achievable before now). This is what inspired the integration of cutting-edge AI technology and smart features into our feeder.

My hope is that BistroCat will become the new standard for feline dining, allowing pet parents to improve their cat's health one meal at a time.

Thank you for all your support!


“It is very important to include wet food as a part of your cat’s daily diet. Feeding wet food improves your cat’s hydration, which can lower their risk of kidney disease as well as cystitis. “

- Dr. Matthew McGlasson, DVM, CVPM

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