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Feeder ships with a FREE box of Cat Gourmet food. Simply pick your favorite CatGourmet diet before checking out, and we will ship the free box of food with your Feeder.

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BistroCat Feeder

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The world’s first fully-automated wet cat food feeder with SMART technology that doesn’t require refrigeration or ice packs.

The nutrition your cat deserves, and the convenience you crave – together at last!

  • Smart Technology
  • Mess-Free Clean Up
  • Premium Wet Food Options
  • Provides The Hydration Cats Need

Shipping October, 2024!

Shipping early 2024

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  • BistroCat is an innovative solution that makes keeps your cat well fed and hydrated with an easy and simple process – even when you’re not home! Our team of skilled engineers and feline health experts designed our hardware to make mealtime more enjoyable for cats and their humans. By packaging meals in our unique BistroPods we can keep food fresh without ice packs or refrigeration. Dimensions: W: 14.5”, D:16”, H: 11”.
  • Once you receive your BistroCat feeder, download the BistroCat app (coming soon) and create your cat’s profile. Once you’re set up, you can easily manage your mealtime schedule. When it’s time to eat, the food pod drops into our preparation chamber where the pod’s foil lid is safely removed. Once this is complete, the pod is lifted into the feeding station and presented to your cat. An hour after the meal is presented, the pod is safely disposed and stored in our trash tray. At the end of the week, or once all 16 pods have been used, simply pop open the lid of the device and remove the trash tray. You can dump the empty pods into your trash. For extra care, we recommend rinsing the tray off before returning into the feeding dock.
  • BistroCat is more than a feeder – it’s a health platform for felines. By integrating SMART technology, we can track how much and how quickly your cat eats during each mealtime. We also know the recipe being served. This data helps build out critical trends that empower you to recognize any potential health issues. It also can identify your cat’s favorite flavors. This helps us to protect your wallet while also protecting your cat’s wellbeing.
  • The BistroCat feeder ships with a FREE box of Cat Gourmet food. Simply pick your favorite Cat Gourmet diet before checking out and we will ship the free box of food with your feeder.
  • Get what your cat craves only when you need it. BistroCat's smart technology allows us to know when you're running low on meals. When it's time to restock, we will automatically ship more food with FREE delivery. You will receive an email before your product ships in case you need to make any changes
BistroCat BistroCat
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  • Only works with dry food, which can lead to feline obesity
  • Manual Set Up and Daily Preparations
  • Messy clean up
  • No Health Analysis or Tracking
  • Constant Food Shopping
  • Limited Usage
  • 7 Days of Pre-scheduled Wet Cat Food
  • Fully Automated Smart Technology
  • Food Safe Disposal
  • Enabled Health Care Tracking & Analysis
  • Subscription Meal Plans Available
  • Stay Connected From Anywhere, Anytime
  • 1.

    View nutrition data

    Monitor your cat's food intake, flavor preferences, and meal times with built-in sensors, ensuring they receive the nutrition they need at your fingertips.

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    Order more wet food

    Enroll in auto-ship to have your cat's favorite BistroPods delivered right to your doorstep while enjoying free shipping.

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    Stay connected from anywhere

    With a built-in camera and two-way microphone, you can stay connected, even when you're not home.