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Crafted by Foodies.

Seasoned with Love.

At Cat Gourmet, we believe fine culinary experiences shouldn’t be limited to just humans. This is why our premier pet food chefs take the time to create recipes that perfectly blend nutrition and flavor. It’s also why we've packaged our protein-packed cat cuisine to work with BistroCat. Now your feline family can enjoy a fine dining experience without the dishes.

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    Chef approved

    Our menu contains recipes that were crafted by real pet food chefs and taste-tested by real cats.

  • 2.

    Protein First

    Every diet features real animal protein as the #1 ingredient, so your feline can embrace their carnivore instincts.

  • 3.


    All our recipes contain 80% moisture so your cat can stay hydrated while satisfying their palate.

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    Genuine BistroPods

    We believe fine dining should be accessible cats, which is why we package our foods to work with BistroCat.

Free Shipping On All Food Subscriptions.

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    Boosts essential hydration for cats

  • 2.

    Improved palatability for picky eaters

  • 3.

    Helps prevent feline obesity

  • 4.

    Gentler on cat's teeth

Get what your cat craves only when you need it.

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BistroCat's smart technology allows us to know when you're running low on meals. When it's time to restock, we will automatically ship more food with FREE delivery. You will receive an email before your product ships in case you need to make any changes.