Smart Delivery Terms & Conditions:

SMART Delivery is the smart answer for protecting your cat's health and your wallet all at the same time. No more worrying about running out of food - SMART Delivery sends what you need, when you need it. Auto-shipping begins when you receive your device. When you're running low on food, we will automatically send you three boxes of your cat's favorite meals. Five days before your product ships, you will get an email showing your pending order in case you want to change your recipes. Enrolled BistroPods are varieties of BistroPods that have been favored in your account. If you have noted favored any meals, enrolled BistroPods will be a variety of previously purchased meals. Enrolled BistroPods are varieties of BistroPods that have been favored in your account. SMART Delivery requires your BistroCat Feeder to be connected to Wi-Fi so that BistroCat can track consumption of enrolled BistroPods. By Signing up for SMART Delivery, you agree to (1) let Paws Forward Inc, DBA BistroCat observe your cat's consumption patterns, (2) automatically replenish your supply of any enrolled BistroPods when inventory is running low as determined by BistroCat, and (3) charge your preferred method of payment saved in your account. Each variety of enrolled BistroPods may have different consumption patterns and may be on a different delivery schedule. The quantity of enrolled BistroPods shipped is based on your cat's average daily consumption and may be greater or fewer than your initial order. You will receive a notice via email before any shipment and you may adjust or cancel your order until 11:59pm EST three days before your order is scheduled to ship by logging into your account. A scheduled auto-delivery will send your initial order of enrolled BistroPods every 4 weeks until you reach your 12 month commitment. Credit cards on file for the auto-delivery program must have an expiration date more than 6 months from the BistroCat purchase date. Additionally, you may convert back to SMART Delivery by connecting your BistroCat feeder and re enrolling in SMART Delivery. You may cancel SMART Delivery of Scheduled Auto Delivery at any time, free of charge, through your online account for emailing If you have not fulfilled the SMART Delivery 12 month commitment before canceling your SMART Delivery, you will be charged for the average priced enrolled BistroPod at one unit times the remaining months.